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The Dark Side of Patreon for Sims 4 CC: How It Hurts the Community and the Game

Patreon Must Be Destroyed Sims 4

If you are a fan of The Sims 4, you probably know what Patreon is. It is a platform where creators can offer exclusive content, perks, and rewards to their supporters who pay a monthly fee. Many Sims 4 custom content (CC) creators use Patreon to share their creations with their fans and earn some income from their hobby. But not everyone is happy with this system. Some players think that Patreon is ruining the Sims 4 community by creating a paywall, a divide, and an ethical dilemma. In this article, we will explore why Patreon must be destroyed Sims 4.

Patreon Must Be Destroyed Sims 4

The pros and cons of Patreon for Sims 4 creators and players

Patreon is not inherently bad. It can have some benefits for both creators and players who use it. For creators, Patreon can help them:

  • Cover the costs of making CC, such as software, hardware, hosting, etc.

  • Get recognition and appreciation for their work and talent

  • Build a loyal fanbase and interact with them more closely

  • Have more creative freedom and control over their content

  • Have more motivation and inspiration to create more and better CC

For players, Patreon can help them:

  • Access high-quality, unique, and diverse CC that suits their preferences

  • Support their favorite creators and show them gratitude

  • Get early access to new CC before it is released to the public

  • Get exclusive access to some CC that is not available elsewhere

  • Get extra perks and rewards from creators, such as requests, votes, shoutouts, etc.

However, Patreon also has some drawbacks for both creators and players who use it. For creators, Patreon can:

  • Create pressure and stress to produce more and better CC on a regular basis

  • Reduce the exposure and reach of their CC to a wider audience

  • Alienate some fans who cannot afford to support them or feel left out

  • Attract criticism and backlash from other creators or players who disagree with their use of Patreon

  • Risk losing patrons if they fail to deliver on their promises or expectations

For players, Patreon can:

  • Create a paywall that limits their access to some CC that they want or need

  • Create a divide between players who can afford to support creators and those who can't

  • Create a sense of entitlement or dissatisfaction with the CC they receive or don't receive

  • Create a dependency or addiction to supporting creators or accessing CC

  • Risk wasting money on CC that they don't like, use, or need

The alternatives to Patreon for Sims 4 creators and players

Patreon is not the only way for Sims 4 creators and players to share and access CC. There are other platforms or methods that can offer similar or better options for both parties. For example:

Platform / Method



Adfly / / Linkvertise / etc.

- Creators can earn money from clicks on their links- Players can access CC for free after waiting a few seconds

- Creators may earn less than on Patreon- Players may encounter annoying ads or malware

Ko-fi / Paypal / Buy Me A Coffee / etc.

- Creators can receive donations from fans without creating a paywall- Players can support creators voluntarily without committing to a monthly fee

- Creators may receive less donations than on Patreon- Players may not get any perks or rewards from creators

Tumblr / Blogspot / Wordpress / etc.

- Creators can share their CC with a large audience for free- Players can access a variety of CC from different sources for free

- Creators may not earn any money from their work- Players may have trouble finding or downloading the CC they want

The Sims Resource / Mod The Sims / etc.

- Creators can upload their CC to a reputable site with quality standards- Players can download CC safely and easily from a trusted site

- Creators may have to follow strict rules or guidelines from the site- Players may have to deal with ads or wait times on the site

Create your own CC / Learn how to make CC

- Creators can express their creativity and originality without relying on others- Players can customize their game exactly how they want without depending on others

- Creators may need to invest time, money, and effort to learn how to make CC- Players may need to have some skills, tools, and patience to make CC

The ethical issues of Patreon for Sims 4 creators and players

Patreon is not only controversial because of its practical implications but also because of its ethical implications. There are some moral questions that arise when using Patreon for Sims 4 CC. For example:

  • Is it fair for creators to charge money for something that is based on someone else's intellectual property?

  • Is it legal for creators to use Patreon when it may violate the terms of service of EA and The Sims 4?

  • Is it ethical for creators to copy, steal, or reupload other people's CC without permission or credit?

  • Is it respectful for creators to ignore or disregard the feedback or requests of their patrons or fans?

  • Is it honest for creators to mislead or deceive their patrons or fans about the quality or quantity of their CC?

  • Is it responsible for players to spend money on CC that they don't need or use?

  • Is it reasonable for players to expect too much from creators or demand too much from them?

  • Is it loyal for players to support only one creator or switch between different creators?

  • Is it right for players to pirate or share other people's CC without permission or payment?

  • Is it healthy for players to become addicted or obsessed with CC?

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